Commitment Ceremonies

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Commitment Ceremonies

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Commitment Ceremonies are a wonderful celebration for people wishing to celebrate their commitment to each other.  It is suitable for people who cannot legally be married, but this makes the ceremony no less significant.

For both gay and straight couples we can provide information on how to go about signing the Melbourne Relationship Declaration Register, (this may to used to demonstrate the existence of a de-facto relationship, according to legislation on domestic partnerships) this signing can then be incorporated into the Commitment Ceremony.  

This is the closest we can assist you to having a legally binding relationship - at the moment.  But times they are a changing, and we hope that marriage is soon not just a privilege for some, but a choice for all.

Commitment Ceremonies can be written from scratch to make it exactly how you would like or we can show you some pre-written options for any section of the ceremony.

A Commitment Ceremony can comprise of-

-An initial meeting to discuss particulars of the ceremony, email and phone discussions from there to get the ceremony just as you would like

-A full on site rehearsal (if required)

-An introduction which contains a personal history of the couple

-The main body of the ceremony then contains information on why the couple choose to make their commitment and what their hopes for their future together are

-It can contain any amount of readings, poems or prayers said either by the couple or family and friends, and these will be presented on cards for the readers easy reference

-The vows as written by the couple so that its meaningful and personalised

-An exchange of rings, jewellery, a candle lighting ceremony or any other symbolic gesture that the couple would like to make

-Affirmations from friends and family to support the couple in the union (wonderful aspect of the ceremony that can greatly enhance the occasion)

-A conclusion that summaries the Ceremony, the future of the couple and includes a presentation of Commitment Certificates


The Commitment Ceremony can be as long or as brief as you would like and any or all of the above options can be included.  It can be held in any location and is a wonderful way to celebrate any relationship.


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