Celebrants in Melbourne

How to get married

Meeting Up- The first step is to set a up nice casual meeting at your local pub or cafe and have a chat about your wedding-we like to make sure are suited to what you are looking for- so drop us an email and we can arrange a time that suits you.

Notice of Intended Marriage- The next step is to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with your chosen Celebrant, this has to be done at least one month prior to your wedding date. Then legally you can proceed with your marriage.

In order to be married, you will have to produce to your Celebrant (at any stage prior to the wedding taking place)-



-Birth Certificates and Drivers Licences

-Divorce Certificates (if applicable)

Organise your Ceremony- We show you lots of options for your ceremony. It can be long, short, funny, romantic, traditional, personalised or generic. You then make your choices and we provide a draft for you to edit. Once finalised, its time for your rehearsal!

Rehearsal- We love having relaxed rehearsals with our couples, they can give you a lot more confidence on your wedding day and we can answer any lingering questions for you or your bridal party in preparation for the big day.

Wedding Day!- We arrive at least 30-45 mins prior to the ceremony, we set up our fantastic PA systems and get ready for the big event. We chat to your family and friends, and venue managers to make sure everything runs smoothly. Then we begin and you get married!

After the wedding- We like to contact you for feedback, because it is important to us. We also direct you to Births, Deaths and Marriages to obtain your official wedding certificate.

Here at The Ceremony Store we work hard to ensure that our Celebrants make getting married as easy, fun and memorable as possible- we love what we do and we hope it shows!