Weddings in Melbourne in Winter

Weddings in Melbourne, in winter, are beautiful.

Poets Lane Winter

Check out how beautiful Poets Lane, in the Dandenong Ranges looks at this time of year.


You can have your garden wedding in in the middle of winter in Melbourne.  Winter Weddings call for special treatment, its about keeping your guests warm and cozy, even though sometimes they are called on to sit in the cold, rain and wind, so that you may get your dream garden ceremony.

Being a Celebrant is awesome, if everyone else is enjoying themselves, and being comfortable is a huge element in this.

When thinking winter weddings, think-

-Handwarmers, you can personalise them to suit your theme or taste

-Rugs, for guests to put over their legs

-Mobile heaters

-A shorter ceremony

-Umbrellas on stand by

-Warning guests on the invites to BYO jumper/jacket/umbrella/snowboots

And above all, know when to call it.  If it is raining, or bordering on snow or cyclonic winds, then be prepared to concede defeat and go to Plan B, hopefully that entails in the warmth, preferably in front of a fire....