Can my friend or family member perform my wedding?

Ahhhhh, YES!!-Why the heck not?

We love it when friends and family get involved in weddings. There might be someone in your family or friendship group who is a keen performer, a budding Celebrant to be, or even just love you so much that they want to be the one to tell the story of how you met.

Your friend or family member can run the whole show from start to finish or just stand up and share the story about how you met, we don’t mind, just let us know how involved you want us to be.

There are three things on the wedding day that must happen in order for you to be married, in front of the marrying couple and two witnesses-

-The Celebrant must say the ‘Monitum from the Marriage Act’

-The couple must say ‘their Vows/Declaration of Marriage’

-The Marriage Certificate with legal declarations, The Form 15 Marriage Certificate and the Marriage Certificate Register Copy must be signed by the Celebrant, the marrying couple and the two witnesses.

As long as these three things happen in the presence of the Celebrant then your family member or friend can run the whole show-we can even give them hints and tips to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

If you want to let us know your grand plan, then please Contact Us we would love to hear from you!