Getting married in front of Chloe....I mean Marie!

I met with the super awesome Alan and Lisa last year, and they wanted something different and very musical for their wedding.

They wanted it loud, they wanted it relaxed and they wanted it to be a real reflection of them.  The good new is, after a lot of emails, planning and a rehearsal, we pulled it off.

The location was Young and Jackson's hotel, opposite Flinders Street.  Chloe stood there aloof, watching the ceremony over her shoulder, she didn't bother getting clothes on for the occasion.  There were two live acts from the Bride and Grooms super talented musical friends and the Groom wore his top hat for the occasion.

The staff at the venue couldn't have been more helpful and they happily redirected the people who just wanted to sneak a peak of Chloe during the ceremony.  And after reading up about Chloe while there was a lull at rehearsal, I learnt that she was only 19 when she posed for the painting, and that the models name was actually Marie!  And the poor love, killed herself after throwing a party with friends, by boiling up a concoction of poisonous matches and drinking the broth, all because she suffering from a rather severe case of unrequited love.