Welcome to The Ceremony Store!

We are all established Celebrants who have collectively been a part of over 2000 ceremonies! We keep doing it because we love it!

We all aim to create relaxed, fun ceremonies and be approachable and involved with our couples. Most times we end up assisting our couples friends weddings or even couple’s future baby naming ceremonies, sometimes years after we get people married.

We want to create a connection with you, we do that by meeting with you, chatting with you and listening to exactly what you want out of your Ceremony. We want to create an amazing ceremony for you, one that you will love and one that will involve things that you love, if you want Melissa to dress as Elvis-she will do it, if you want Russell to sing for you-he will do it and if you want Margaret to talk cars with you-she will do it!

Meet with any of us at your local cafe or pub we can meet in Melbourne, Inner City or suburbs and we can even travel to the peninsula or bayside for an obligation free chat about your ceremony, we can guide you through every step of the way and give you loads of ideas in the process!

We like to see big smiles on wedding days!

We like to see big smiles on wedding days!

The Ceremony Store - Celebrants Collective

We have worked together for many years and we all love what we do!

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Melissa Jacob

Melissa’s iPad is always in fire! She loves a fun, relaxed ceremony and believes that couple should celebrate their day, their way.

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Russell Healy

Russell works hard to create heartfelt ceremonies and has the smoothest voice in the east!